We are a family run enterprise and have been in the business of making dreams come true since 1999.

Since then, we have married nearly a thousand people and looked after many more!

We build our reputation on love and hard work. There is no corporate mission statement or stakeholders calling the shots, simply five individuals in pursuit of their dreams – which is to make your wedding as perfect as possible in every way.

Started by Annie Houston in 1999, our chapel and suites have grown from a small venue, to one of the best in the business. To begin with, we only had a tiny cluster of rooms, but word of our boutique experience soon spread and before we knew it, we were an in-demand wedding venue with a diary crammed with big dates!

Over the years, we have expanded to accommodate the growing numbers of visitors we now attract. And as well as providing a unique and romantic experience for our newlyweds, we are also able to extend that welcome to their guests.

Now it is possible for couples to book all their wedding guests into our suites – with some advance notice of course.

Our family pride themselves on their warmth and attention to detail, all designed to make yours and your families stay as relaxing as possible.

Our on-site facilities incorporate a five-star restaurant, spa, a gym, a dance floor, four bars, a chapel, a pool and the full five star luxury you would expect from a wedding venue.

All our rooms come with wi-fi, flatscreen TV, minibar, refrigerator and anything else to make your stay complete!

Located in acres of beautiful countryside, our rooms offer a total peace and seclusion for the duration of your stay. Visit our gym, swim in our pool, or stroll in the woodlands that surround the chapel. Whatever you do you will be assured of the tranquillity of the location.

Our family are committed to making your wedding day magical – to find out how, chat with us via Facebook or request a call back from one of our team!