Choosing An Outdoor Wedding Venue Melbourne

At the moment, lockdown is once again in force in Victoria, but we hope that it won’t be long before they are once again eased and it will be possible for couples to have an outdoor wedding.

In the meantime, we have compiled a list of things to bear in mind when looking at outdoor wedding venues.

What Are The Rules Surrounding The Venues?

When not locked down, you can still get married in one of the beautiful outdoor wedding venues in Victoria. However, coronavirus restrictions will be in place for some time. These limit the gatherings to twenty guests although if it is in a restaurant, then it will be limited to ten.

What Should I Look For In A Wedding Venue?

Before deciding on your venue, here are some ideas to bear in mind!

THE WEATHER – Although Melbourne is sunny, there are still some times that the rain comes down. And unfortunately, the fact that it is your wedding day does not stop it!

It is important to plan for bad weather before making a booking. Have a contingency plan in place on what to do if it rains – or worse!

Will you be using a gazebo or awning? Is there shelter nearby? Does the venue (if you are marrying at an outdoor venue) have a plan in place for sheltering from the rain? And how does this work out with the ongoing restrictions?

ACCESSIBILITY – You might have found the perfect spot – but have you considered how your guests are going to get there?

Is the place you have chosen a long way from home for most of your guests? Is it likely to be too far for some, or most of your party? This sort of detail really needs thinking about before booking.

You might have picked the most ideal spot on earth, but if it requires oxygen and crampons to reach it, then you may end up with no guests!

DESIGN – One of the best things about choosing outdoor wedding venues is getting to style it yourself. This means you can customise your own outdoor wedding decorations to match the style and theme of your ceremony.

NUMBERS – Unfortunately with coronavirus restrictions likely to be with us for the foreseeable future, even when Melbourne comes out of lockdown, then there will be a limit on the number of guests which are permitted. However, there can be creative ways around this, especially if the venue is outdoor – screens, live streaming and video can all be used to help guests join in, even if they cannot be in the actual venue.

MONEY – Unfortunately, it all boils down to cold hard cash, but if you are on a budget, do not lose heart as if you are prepared to roll up your sleeves and do a lot of the work yourself (for example, catering and designing your own outdoor wedding decorations) then you can save a lot. Also, your guests may be willing to help out. In lieu of wedding presents, someone could do the flowers, help with the catering and so on.

But no matter how much you want to, you can’t marry yourselves– that does have to be done by a professional – so remember to add a marriage celebrant into the cost!